Tuesday, September 21, 2010

rainy lake weekend

This past weekend we spent a couple days at the lake with Ben's family. It was the first time that all of his parents, siblings + significant others had gathered all at the same time. 

Despite the cool weather Ben went wake-boarding on the glassy water late Friday morning just after we arrived. 

Malakai was a bit scared when the boat would get up to speed. He was very clingy, but got better with each ride.

There was a unique outdoor shower. It was oddly refreshing to take a hot shower in the cool rain. 

We saw more of the toddler in Malakai as he wandered around everywhere. He's so curious about everything. He kept walking up to the campfire and blowing on it. I honestly have no idea where he got this from, but it was hilarious.

Just before we headed out on Saturday night, since Ben had to be at church bright and early on Sunday, I was determined to have a s'more. There was a pause in the rain so we all headed out. Of course the rain started back up as soon as I started toasting my marshmallow and by the time I was finished everyone else had run back inside and it was pouring down rain harder than it had all weekend.

{So I stood outside in the rain with my s'more- a true Oregonian}

Now that our lake weekend has come + gone I'm really ready for the fall weather. I'm embracing the chill by baking goodies, having tea in the afternoon, and cuddling up under soft blankets at the end of the day.


  1. i love the hat pics on the boat! he looks so dear and apprehensive!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. And he looks so cute in his tobagan!

  3. I love the idea of an outdoor shower & a s'more is good anytime......rain or shine!!

  4. looks like you had a great weekend - we had a rainy camping week last week too!! (I posted pics on my blog!)

    Do you blow on Malakai's food when its hot? Maybe that's why he was blowing on the fire - the boy blows anytime I say his food is hot.

    Also -LOVE the outdoor shower, had a chance to use one once and it just felt amazing, love having a view while getting clean!
    amber :)
    ps. sorry if I rambled with my comment here!


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