Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday: freedom in faith

I may be coming up on a 6 week break from working daycare. If it doesn't end up being a total break, it'll most likely be less than what we've become used to. It's a bit daunting to think of all the bills we have each month and the few sources of income we have to take care of them. Student loans, how I loathe thee.

It's a constant cycle of living in worry, provision, realization, trust, repeat. I wish I could linger in trust for longer. I always learn that God provides, and I've seen it over and over again. As soon as something changes in our income or we have a new expense I begin to worry how it'll work out when I should just let faith in my provider God kick in.

So here I am trying my hardest to find the freedom that comes from having faith in God's promises, again.

This week I'm so thankful for...

241. our plans to go to the lake tomorrow morning, thank goodness we should be missing the heatwave headed our way! {it'll be Malakai's first time on a boat!}

242. the sneak peek we got at our photos from last week's shoot.

243. Ben still going into work on time even though I would have been just fine with him sleeping in a few hours after this morning's 3:30am wake up call courtesy of one mean molar!

244. Kai's growing vocabulary. I love listening to him talk and am amazed at how fast he picks things up. He's now saying ball, up {which sometimes sounds like 'owf'}, mama,  hi {hi, hi, hi...}, daddy, doggie {which sounds just like daddy}, and more.

245. my headaches subsiding. thank you Jesus, I can now function normally again!

246. God's wisdom, timing, + faithfulness and how humbling it is to watch Him do something new when I get to thinking I've seen it all.

247. the chocolate brownie cupcakes with super rich vanilla coffee liqueur frosting I made. they hit the spot after a very long week.

248. working in the nursery at church. It's so fun watching all the little ones grown and interact.

249. I've said it before + I'll say it again, you. Thanks for reading here + interacting.

250. my napping boys + that I get to join them right now!

What are you thankful for?


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