Monday, August 16, 2010

month to month

Today Malakai is one month into his 2nd year. We're on our way to having a two-year-old! I know we're fairly far from it, but after how fast the 1st year went, I'm bracing myself!

Lately we've been asked a lot about how old he is. Now that he's 13 months I tailor my answer based on who's asking. The grocery store clerk, teenagers, and non-parents in general usually get the the "one" answer. Adults with children or grand-children understand the point of the "13 months" answer. While there isn't a huge difference between your average 12 and 13 month old there is a lot of development that goes on between say 12 and 15 months. I just seem to get the eye-roll or the retort "so...he's one then" from the first group of askers.

I can tell that this will be a year full of different kinds of "firsts". Last year was first coo, first time holding his head up, noticing his hand, first smile, first solid food, first tooth, first laugh, first step....lots of basic firsts, you know? Now that's he's walking and essentially a toddler it's more like first time down the big slide, first float in the pool, first time walking outside, first boat ride, first time at the county fair...

This past weekend was his first boat ride. Despite hating the trial run of his life jacket last month, he did a great job. He loved watching the water splash and every time we passed a buoy he yelled "BALL!" unprompted.

He watched daddy wakeboard and thought it was so funny to see us outside of the boat when we jumped in the lake for a swim.

He also got to drive the boat with grandpa.

{FYI Ben doesn't always sport this scruffy look, the guys at his job are all growing out their facial hair so they could shave it all except their mustaches for a}

We had a pretty full weekend altogether. After the lake and a very fulfilling nap we went to a coffee shop to listen to a friend of ours perform. Sunday afternoon we went swimming at Mema + G'Pa's house and had a BBQ.

We're embracing as much of the summer weather as we can before it fades into fall.
How did ya'll spend your weekend?

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