Wednesday, July 28, 2010


If you read here regularly you may have noticed a lack of lengthy or really meaningful posts lately. It's kind of been bumming me out. I guess I'm in a bit of a writing rut, and feeling a little uninspired. Little things to post pop into my head here and there but the day gets away from me and I forget what it was I wanted to share or decide it's not important enough for a whole post.

I could say I've been busy, and I have been, but I've also had plenty of time to sit down and write that I haven't taken advantage of. I've also had plenty of time to cook better meals, unpack, and do laundry...all of those things were getting neglected too until yesterday. Hopefully since I got my groove back around the house {baked a whole wheat applesauce cake from scratch last night, fixed homemade chicken + rice soup for dinner tonight, + made a significant dent in the laundry that has been backed up since camping} maybe the blog will follow.

I think I have also been challenged by keeping up with the list of great reviews + giveaways I have lined up and interspersing them with regular posts. I'll find my balance sooner or later, hopefully you stick around for that to happen.


  1. we've all been there & understand :) it will pass, I promise.

  2. I have completely been feeling the same way. I'll be out and about and think of an idea to write about, but when it comes time to actually write, I feel exactly as you put it - uninspired.

    I'm sure it will pass at some point... at least I'm hoping it will!

  3. It's not easy and we're all doing the best we can - I'm feeling a bit blech myself these days!!
    All the best
    Amber :)

  4. thanks ladies, I really appreciate your comments!

  5. i hear ya. am in too much pain at the moment, so can't think quite clearly. we're all just tired from the summer too. i actually can't wait for fall and school.

    i hope you are all well - and if you are stuck, you can always post more pix of your adorable son!


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