Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday: quick moments

This week has flown by super fast. I think my new work schedule is a big part of it. It's been difficult to time Malakai's naps just right  for being gone even for just 2 hours, because it's in the middle of the day. If only he'd nap away from home!

This morning was better though. I have a feeling most of my days would be better if I got out of bed earlier. I need to kick my old habit of sleeping when the baby sleeps...even though he's still not sleeping all the way through the night. I think next week will be a good time to kick off our trial of The No-Cry Sleep Solution.

So I have a few moments now that Henry is asleep and Malakai would rather play on his own than with mama. He's "reading" a book to himself.

This week I'm thankful for:

211. sunny mornings with cute little boys in their funny little bucket hats

212. leftover birthday cake for breakfast {it's banana cake, so it's healthy!}

213. love letters from my husband

214. successful nap time {for the babies}

215. Trader Joe's Maple Leaf Cookies...almost as good as maple donuts.

image cred.

216. the 5 steps Malakai took at his grandparents' house last night.

217. Ben's willingness to ride the bus when he needs to {we only have one car}

219. my in-laws for babysitting this weekend so we can finally get the rest of our boxes unpacked! {hopefully we get as much done as we want need to}

220. prayers over family dinner + reading chapters from James before bed. 

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. That picture of your kids playing is priceless. SO beautiful! I hope you are able to get lots of boxes unpacked this weekend :)

  2. i love babies in bucket hats!! Then i started drooling over those maple leaf cookies.. i LOVE trader joes.. and then i proceeded to almost barf at the coconut creme coffeemate (Im allergic to coconut) haha Good luck unpacking the rest of those boxes girl! :)

  3. I miss bucket hats! Our boys have to be just like daddy in ball caps now--although we manage to sneak cowboy hats in there for our middle boy these days.

    I've been skimming through and I'm looking forward to following your blog more closely!


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