Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday: memories

Today has been quite crazy + busy. We've been going since 10am and Malakai hasn't taken a real nap since waking at 8am. We had Ben's work BBQ, some errands, a special visit, watching Henry, grocery shopping and packing for our camping trip this weekend. I'm exhausted!

Our visit earlier today was to the hospital where Malakai was born. A friend of mine had her 2nd baby, a girl, Emmiana. It was strange being back there after almost a year {just 15 days shy!} seeing the familiar sights and oh my goodness the smells! Scents have a strong tie for me when it comes to memories. I keep smelling the soap on my hands and it just takes me back to Malakai's birth-day.

I held the sweet 9lb sleepy new little one and could hardly believe that when we all held Malakai for the first time last year he was just 7lbs. He's now close to 24lbs and busy busy busy all the time. It was so cute to see him checking out Emmiana, wondering what she was and trying to touch her.

After saying goodbye to the happy little family we had some time before going over to watch Henry. I grabbed Malakai's bottle and fed him in the huge lobby of the hospital. I looked around and remembered the first time Ben and I sat in that lobby waiting for our tour of the Labor + Delivery department. I looked back down at Malakai and had to fight back tears. It's so bitter sweet watching him grow.

Today I'm Thankful for SO many things:

181. getting to visit Ben at work and see him beam with pride while parading Malakai around.

182. listening to Malakai's first words, over and over "uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh" as he drops things on the ground. His little voice is so magical.

183. remembering the day he was born, taking it in, letting myself miss it a little bit.

184. the excitement of watching him grown and learn.

185. getting to hold newborn Emmiana, it's been a long time since I snuggled someone so small.
{checking out Emmie}

186. visiting with friends that I don't see nearly enough.

187. watching Malakai with his little friends.
{This is Titus, 21 months. Just before I took this they were holding hands}

188. the anticipation in my heart for what God has planned for us next.

189. the opportunity to take Malakai on his first camping trip and make new memories this weekend.

190. all of you for sharing in all of it with us.

What are you thankful for?

PS with that I'm off for the long weekend. I'll be back Tuesday {which is when the current giveaway ends}. Happy Independence Day!

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