Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday: a little late

It's still technically Thursday, but only for 2 more hours. I had a busy day, a good day. It started a bit too early. Kai woke up at 4am and instead of having a lovely bottle of mama's milk and going back to sleep for daddy he decided to drink his bottle and then talk + fuss in our arms until 6am. Thankfully for me he went back down until 9am so I could catch up on the lost sleep. Sadly, daddy had to go to work already in zombie-mode {no video game reference intended, Ben}.

Once we got up and ready for the day Malakai + I headed to my parents' place for the day. We played with the "doggie" {which is another word in his growing vocabulary} and went swimming in the pool. By late afternoon we packed up and headed home to meet "daddy" {which he also says, but sounds very similar to doggie...} with Aunt Nanner + Uncle Coders with us. My siblings are here staying the night with us, and it's been a lot of fun. They used to stay over once in a while before Malakai was born. This is the first time since moving to our new place. We've been busy grilling in the back yard, and playing on the floor in the living room. Things are quieting down now so I have a few minutes to share this week's thankful list with you.

This week I'm thankful for...

221. a week off from working daycare. I LOVE my "job" but it has been nice to have extra time each day.

222. using my extra time to hang out with my girl friends. Monday I took a birthday girl to lunch, Tuesday had a playdate with a stay-at-home mama friend and her almost-two-year-old little guy at the park, yesterday we went to another SAHM friend's house and played in the sand + water with her 15-month-old-cutie

223. spending time with my siblings while they have it available before school starts again. 

224. my hardworking husband and his efforts to help our house become a home inside + out. 

225. our first time grilling for ourselves EVER!

226. the new patio set we bought in May and have been too intimidated to set up, only to find that the only assembly required was the table...which took MAYBE 15 minutes....whoopsie!

227. the snapset pool my parents got for Kai that Ben + I can also sit in to cool off. 

228. Malakai's growing love for the water + outdoors. It's so fun to watch him learn and become more comfortable.

229. my successful whole wheat applesauce cake + the yummy breakfast it makes, especially paired with fresh coffee.

230. Kai falling asleep on his own after putting him down "drowsy but awake" tonight for the second time EVER! Keep it up kiddo!

Thanks for catching up with us. What are you thankful for this week?

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