Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Helloooooo toddler!

I've been hanging on to the idea of Malakai still being a baby once he hit 12 months. I was hoping to keep calling him a baby until at least 18 months. At the rate he's moving {walking farther independently each day} and talking {adding new words to his vocabulary each week} I don't think he fits into the definition of "baby" anymore!

It's strange because when I think about him as a newborn laying on the bed between us, learning how to control the movements of his arms + legs in the wee hours of the morning, it seems like a different life and he was a different child. Like I traded in my tiny baby for a slightly bigger, bolder one every couple months. It moves along so fast there's hardly any time to really get used to the stage we're in before we find ourselves starting a new one.

At this point he's moving and learning so quickly I'm constantly amazed with what he's able to do. I can barely take it all in. I'm bursting with pride but also a bit sad knowing that in just another 6 months I'm going to look back and have trouble remembering each little nuance that made up Malakai at this point. I just want to freeze him in time at each little new stage until I've absorbed it into my memory and am ready to move to the next thing.

 Thank goodness for pictures and video cameras!

{I originally posted this yesterday but had issues with the video that should be fixed. Stay tuned til the end for a sweet little treat}

walking + talking from Shandell on Vimeo.


  1. love this post. beautiful thoughts - and yes, time flies too, too fast.

  2. very loving post. I know how you feel, I want to freeze frame my daughter too!

  3. Oh too cute! "Hi" back at him :) It's so amazing how much they change and grow and learn!


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