Monday, July 19, 2010

1st Birthday weekend part 1

Our weekend was so ridiculously long and jam packed with activity that I can't fit it all into one post {aka I don't have the time to edit all the photos and type out all the details at once}.

Friday July 16th was Malakai's 1st Birthday as many of you know from my posts that day. Ben took his one vacation day of the summer so we could spend the day just the 3 of us.

First we went to the park that morning and took some fun photos. It was just before 10am and even though it was gorgeous outside we had the park all to ourselves.

We tried new things like sitting on the spinning toys, climbing the big structure together and walking along the wall.

After the park was nap time for Malakai and prep time for Ben + I. While I baked Malakai's smash cake, Ben wrapped his gift from us. 

Once Malakai woke up from his morning nap we headed out for his birthday lunch at Red Robin. It's one of the few little kid friendly restaurants that isn't fast food and Malakai loves to people watch there. We ordered his first ever kids meal {compliments of the eclub} and watched him enjoy being sang to by the servers. He seriously was so confused by their singing. He also had his first taste of ice cream from the Sundae they brought him. 

After lunch we ran a few errands for Saturday's party, came home  for another nap, and played in the house and backyard before dinner + bedtime. 

We all had a really great day that came and went entirely too fast!

I'm so glad we kept it relatively low-key with the excitement of his big Pirate Party being the next day...


  1. Happy Birthday!! He is so cute in his little outfits & can't wait to see how his pirate party turned out!!


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