Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I've never had much of a routine. My whole life it seems as soon as I start to get into a groove something changes. Within the last couple of years I've learned to expect and embrace the changes. That's where the name of my blog comes from as we're constantly on the brink of something new.

A lot of women, especially moms, seem to have a daily routine. This is something I've only dabbled in, but never tried with much fervor. When I was a college student I grew accustom to spontaneity and quite enjoyed the ability to do almost anything I wanted whenever I wanted. That and the fact that every 10 weeks I had a whole new class and work schedule. It worked for me.

When I "settled down" and got married a few years ago neither Ben or I had much of a regular schedule. He is a musician, which translates to casual and flighty for the most part and had just started a new job. I was a couple years into a job at a college which had it's seasons, but pretty much changed from a desk job to an on-the-road job every few months. Things weren't quite as spontaneous but we still had the ability to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. I indulged in eating ice cream instead of lunch, watching movies uninterrupted late into the evening, heading out for coffee with a friend at a moment's notice, laying out by the pool for hours on warm summer weekends.

Near the end of my pregnancy {this time just last year} I wanted to do less, and just stay around the house more and more. We didn't go to the movies {last night we went to the theater for the first time in 2 years}, we declined the few invitations we received to go out to late dinners, and the most activity we got was walking at least a mile every day in an effort to get labor going. We were still doing what we wanted, when we wanted...we just wanted to do less.

Once Malakai was born, we adapted pretty quickly to being up all night and sleeping all day. This was easier than for most because of our new lack of employment. We learned quickly to not get used to any schedule the little one set, as it could and would change in an instant. We fed on demand, slept when he slept and essentially let Malakai run the show. This is what worked for us.

Even though I've led a mostly impetuous lifestyle, I'm no stranger to the importance of routine. I have my BA in Early Childhood Education and know just how much kids crave consistency. This is where I feel we're in for another change. As Malakai nears his first birthday, I've been attempting to set up routines. This is what our schedule looks like currently:


Church- this could be at 9am or 10:45am or both depending on whether it's my turn to work in the nursery, or Ben is leading worship or both are happening. This gets even more interesting when we are on different schedules since we only have one car.

12:30pm-2pm Malakai's nap {and sometimes we join him}.

2pm-4pmPlaytime at home, the park, or wherever we may be.

4pm Malakai takes a late afternoon nap and is in bed for the night by 9pm.

Mondays + Wednesdays

5am-6am Malakai wakes up, Ben goes to rock him while I grab a bottle (he usually eats about 4oz). Ben feeds Kai and soothes him back to sleep, then he gets ready for work. I've got the day off so I usually go back to bed if Kai stays down.

7am-8am Malakai is up for the day and I get him another bottle. He feeds himself in his play yard while I pump.

9am We eat breakfast. Kai in his highchair with cheerios and sometimes oatmeal, me with coffee and whatever else I can find in the kitchen.

9:30am playtime. I let Malakai explore the house while following after him.

10:30am naptime. Usually I'd feed him a bottle and rock him to sleep, but today he fell asleep on his own! While he naps I blog {like I'm doing right now}, pump again,  and do various household tasks.

12pm-3 or 4pm Malakai wakes from his nap, we have lunch, I pump, play time ensues.

3pm-4pm Afternoon bottle, then nap. Mama continues previously started household tasks and has a snack while figuring out what to do for dinner.

5pm Ben comes home from work. I start dinner. Malakai wakes up and has playtime with daddy.

6pm dinner, we usually try to eat all of us at the table.

6:30pm-8pm dishes, play time, bathtime

8pm-8:30 pm last bottle, story, daddy soothes Malakai to sleep and I pump again.

8:30pm-10pm Ben and I settle in to watch something on the tivo or netflix, and wind down.

10pm Ben and I get ready for bed and are usually out by 11pm.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

5am-6am Malakai wakes up. I get his bottle, Ben feeds and soothes back to sleep. I try to hang on to a few more moments of sleep depending on how early it is. Out of bed by 6:15am to pump and get ready.

6:40am Ben gets picked up by his carpool.

6:30-7am Malakai wakes up again and we get ready to go.

7:20am leave the house to go watch Henry.
7:45am arrive at Henry's

8am Henry's 1st morning nap. Malakai's mealtime/playtime.

9:30am-10am Henry wakes up, Malakai's nap time.

10:15-10:45am Henry's mealtime + playtime, usually wakes Kai up from his nap prematurely.

11am-11:45am Malakai eats, playtime with the boys
11:45am Henry's parents come home, we chat a bit and then Kai and I are on our way home.

11:50am-12:10pm Ride home, if I'm lucky Malakai will fall asleep in the car and I can transfer him to his crib for his nap.

12pm-1:30 or 2pm Malakai naps, I pump and blog, do chores, whatever.

1:30pm -3:30 or 4pm Kai wakes, bottle, play time

4pm naptime, I clean and prep for dinner

5pm-6pm daddy gets home, relaxes for a bit, gets Kai from his nap when he wakes

6:30pm family dinner

7pm-8pm playtime with daddy while I clean up

8pm-8:30pm  bath/bottle/book/bedtime

8:30-10pm pump/tv/read/blog/visit with Ben

10:30-11pm bedtime for mama + daddy


5am-6am Malakai wakes, bottle, back to sleep
8am {if we're lucky} everyone wake up/ breakfast/playtime/pump
10:30 am Malakai's bottle + nap, I pump, Ben + I watch tv, do housework, yardwork, etc.
12pm-3:30pm lunch time, play time, go to the park, run errands as a family, etc.
3:30pm-5pm Malakai's bottle + nap, I pump, other misc. activities.
5pm Malakai plays with daddy, I fix dinner
5:30pm family dinner, etc etc.

While it may seem like a routine, especially with the same things happening in the evenings, there's always something else going on during the week that throws off this "schedule". Family gatherings that keep us out late, Ben's worship band practice, constant teething that interrupts everyone's sleep, church meetings, changes in my work schedule {this is REALLY going to throw us for a loop starting next week}, swim lessons, holidays, camping trips, the fact that we are STILL unpacking...

I'd really like to have some order when it comes to getting things done around the house. I've taken some cues from other mom's like Alysha and her cleaning schedule. I've modified her ideas to work for my own schedule depending on when I have the car to do things like grocery shop, and when I have the time for additional things like the unpacking I mentioned. Lately the every day stuff is starting to get pushed aside as I try to find time to plan for Malakai's first birthday {30 days away!} among the dozen other big social engagements we have throughout the summer.

whew! So if you're still reading this epic post, let me know if you have any magical time-saving or routine creating fixes. Like I said, I'm all for trying new things!


  1. It sounds like you actually have a great routine down!

    We have one too, but you're right, there's always things that pop up and throw it off it seems. I doubt it will ever be better until maybe they're in school? But lets not rush that, lol!

    I'm attempting to do something similar to her schedule by cleaning a bit everyday. So far it hasn't really taken off much to the disappointment of my husband. I'm trying though!

    What I do stand by is cleaning up things before bed like toys, blankets, dishes - that sort of thing. Makes it so much easier for the next day!

  2. Same here, I think you just described a routine! And the fact that sometimes things come up, doesn't make you a bad planner; it makes you spontaneous and it keeps your life interesting! :)

    I look forward to motherhood alot, but I think I am one of the least organized people alive. Well, in my routine anyway :) That might give problems when adding a baby...

    My advice: you're doing great!

    For the big things (like unpacking) I think it's best to decide on a day (or two) to do it all, instead of doing little bits and pieces of it.

  3. well the times are VERY approximate and things never go the same each day. Maybe I just have a false view of how other moms do it, there are many blogs I've read where they just make it seem so put together.

    Moon- we've tried doing the unpacking all at once, but there's too much. With the baby we don't really get a whole day of getting stuff done, even if we have someone watch him.


thanks for responding, I love your feedback!

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