Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lovely things

Oh yeah, remember last night when I referenced that I would post today about what I did on Sunday? Whoah, that was a confusing sentence. Well, if you're still following me, I went to a very lovely Bridal shower for a friend of mine from college. She's getting married just 2 days after Malakai's first birthday. We've had fun counting down until that special weekend in July together.

I actually went to her work bridal shower earlier in the week, and was also invited to her friend shower put on by some very savvy party throwers. One of the ladies runs a shop called The Sassy Cupcake {among a thousand other things} and has a real eye for creating a lovely environment.

Just look at these gorgeous details:

{strawberry + raspberry shortcake, also champagne with fresh raspberries}

{the tall vase has dirt with small viney flowers on top, so unique!}

{Here is a close up of the smaller version on the tables}

{The head table where the bride and her maids sat}

{A closer look at the lovely flowers floating in beautiful giant vases}

{the bride-to-be + I}

{parting gifts of chocolate brownie cupcakes with Kahlua Creme frosting}

I invited some of the girls to stop by our house and see/meet Malakai as many were in town from farther away and hadn't met him yet. He was in such a great mood. He hugged one of them and she immediately made plans to smuggle him in her purse on the way out. 

It was such a fun time to dress up and get out of the house to socialize with these lovely ladies from my college days. 

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