Monday, June 21, 2010

Eddie Bauer Diaper Bag Review

CSN stores so generously sent me the Eddie Bauer Bainbridge duffle diaper bag for review:

We currently have a wonderful diaper bag that we got before Malakai was born. However, I really needed something bigger for how much I pack to go to daycare during the week. I also wanted something with a more sturdy shoulder strap instead of a messenger bag. Being only 5'2" makes carrying a messenger a bit difficult. I'm sure I'm not the first mama to own multiple diaper bags and I'd bet we'll probably add to that number before we're done having kids. 

When I first got this bag in the mail I took everything out of my usual bag and packed the Eddie Bauer duffle. I was so excited about how well our things fit and with extra room! My other bag is literally tearing at the seams from overstuffing. 

The Eddie Bauer duffle diaper bag has a spacious main compartment with insulated bottle holders.

The front has mesh pockets and I used this part for all my "purse" items.

Both sides have plastic {yay for ease of cleanup!} compartments and mesh pockets inside, as well as an open pocket on the outside. I used one side for Malakai's snacks and the other for extra clothes. 

3-4 days a week I pack to be away from home with Malakai for 4-9 hours. Here's what I usually pack for a 4 hour day:
  • 4 diapers
  • travel wipes case
  • changing pad {this bag comes with it's own!}
  • 1 bottle of breastmilk
  • 1 storage bag of breastmilk
  • a container of cheerios
  • a container of dry oatmeal with spoon
  • 2 packages of oatmeal for my breakfast
  • a travel coffee mug
  • my laptop
  • extra outfit for Kai
  • toys
  • My "purse" stuff: wallet, keys, cellphone, notepad/calendar, chapstick, etc.

All of this stuff fit in the bag with plenty of space. When I'm gone for the entire day I obviously need to pack more. So I pack all of the above, plus:

  • 4 more diapers {Kai does't really go through 8 diapers in one day, but better safe than sorry}
  • several storage bags of breastmilk
  • a container of frozen babyfood cubes for lunch
  • my laptop's power cord
  • my breastpump and all it's millions of parts
  • my lunch
  • a book for me to read
Usually this means packing our diaper bag, a large cooler bag, and a medium tote bag. So I end up looking really silly walking the block from where I park the car to where I do daycare, and up the flight of stairs carrying my 24 lb. baby, his blanket, and three huge bags. I drop things {not Kai!} pretty often.

I tried it out with how much I pack for my full days and I can fit EVERYTHING into this bag. The best part is it isn't huge and bulky or too heavy. I even tried out carrying Malakai while wearing it. 
{he waved "bye-bye" to daddy}

I love that the bottle holders inside are insulated so it can keep Malakai's milk warm or cold. Also, the flat bottom and rubber feet make it easy to set down anywhere without worrying about it getting dirty or tipping over. 

So I surely recommend this product and at $25.99 from CSN stores it's a great price {compared to the $39.99 I've seen it for elsewhere}.

P.S. CSN stores sent me this bag in exchange for my review. I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own. Please see disclosures for more details.

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