Monday, June 7, 2010

Did that really just happen?

Usually I keep the details of Malakai's bodily functions to myself as we all know that babies tend to be messy. However, what happened tonight was just so unbelievable I couldn't keep it to myself.

Around 7pm Malakai went to bed early. His afternoon nap was really short and he was super cranky. We figured if he woke up that we'd stay up with him for a bit and put him back down to bed later than usually {which is about 8:30 or 9pm}. He woke up at 8pm and was still very cranky and VERY tired. Ben tried feeding him a bottle and rocking him back to sleep.

He fell back to sleep shortly but when Ben set him down in the crib he started to cough and gag. Naturally Ben hoisted him back up and poor little Kai proceeded to vomit, a lot. On Ben and on the floor. He vomited for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it was slightly different than spit up, but the volume was normal. This was like adult amounts.

We figured he had just eaten too much and his tummy was full, but I of course took his temp. He didn't have a fever so I tried putting him back down to sleep, but he wasn't having it. He was obviously not feeling good, super clingy and really whiney. We snuggled up on the couch and then he vomited down my shirt. It wasn't a first, but I still gasped in surprise.

Ben and I swapped again so I could clean myself up. While Ben cleaned up Malakai again I called the triage nurse at his pediatrician's office and left a message for them to call me back. I was sitting on the floor with Malakai after making the phone call and there was a knock at our door. Ben ran to get it and I shouted after him that if it was the census people to tell them we sent in our forms, we have a sick baby, go away!

It ended up being some friends of ours from college. They actually live close by but we haven't seen each others' places yet. They happened to be on a bike ride and decided to look for us. It's a pretty rare occasion that we have people stop by unannounced. The timing couldn't have been worse. We reluctantly invited them in to say a quick hello. They met Malakai for the first time, wrapped in a towel and not in the mood to socialize.

My phone rang in the other room so I took Kai with me to answer it. It was the nurse. As I spoke with her about what he had eaten that day and other details Malakai threw up again. Luckily, the towel caught it and Ben was able to take him so I could finish my phone call. Just as the nurse was telling me that he'd probably vomit a couple more times I hear Ben yell out as he was about to say goodbye to our visitors. I look over and he's covered in vomit and then I realized...

Malakai threw up in Ben's mouth. 

Not spit up, straight up stomach acid with chunks of actual cottage cheese- vomit.

Ben then surprised me and let out an uproarious laugh {which I found out later was because his friend literally ran out our door when he saw what happened} and I had to explain to the nurse what all the commotion was about {she laughed too, as did my mom when I told her this story}. Ben then had to hold it together while I finished talking to the nurse so I could help him peel off his clothes. Meanwhile, our poor sweet boy is dry heaving.

We decided that the boys should take a shower and then a bath together to get cleaned off this time. Malakai was very clingy at first but slowly started to feel better. He played a bit and after getting cleaned up and dressed finally drifted off to sleep.

Now we have a giant bottle of pedialyte waiting for him in the kitchen and I still cannot believe that all of that just happened.


  1. Oh my God: such a funny story! But be sure: it's these silly things you'll remember for years! :) Plus: what a great couple if you can laugh your way through this!

  2. in the last two weeks i think i have read 5 blogs about babies throwing up in their parents mouth. haha It never gets old. :)

  3. OMG; if that happened to Lance I would have to not only clean up B's throw up but Lance's too :)

    Hope he is feeling better!

  4. Mitzi, I was shocked that Ben didn't throw up. He surprised himself as well!

  5. whoah! poor baby! i hope he's better today.


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