Monday, June 21, 2010


We had quite the busy weekend for Ben's 1st Father's day. The weather was gorgeous on Friday as I mentioned in my post that day. Here's Malakai at the park.
{he's still not so sure about the sand}

{or grass, this is his "pick me up" pose}

On Saturday Malakai let us sleep in {til 9am... a new record I believe} and then we let Ben stay at home and play video games while we ran a secret errand for an early Father's Day gift...

These are from a friend of ours who is an expert at quite a few things, and she currently runs a business call The Sassy Cupcake. She did a Father's Day special of {from left to right} pancake cupcakes with maple frosting and bacon toppings, Chocolate Ninkasi cupcakes with Ninkasi creme frosting, + Rootbeer float cupcakes. yum!

When we got back we sampled them, and daddy got back to his videogames with a little help from Malakai.

While Kai napped we did some work in the yard...MUCH need work...

After his nap we played on the floor and Malakai decided to snuggle daddy...he did this all on his own. I  still can't get over how cute this is!

On Sunday Malakai hadn't slept well so we decided to stay home from church to catch up on the rest we missed. I made Ben's request of chocolate chip pancakes and during Kai's morning nap we watched some tv. Later we gave "da-da" his gifts. 

I bought Ben a couple "Lost" items from the abctv store and Malakai and I made him some special artwork with his footprints and I wrote out Proverbs 4:11-13

Here's a peek at the making of...

Then we headed out to my parents' house for the day to spend time with my dad.

Ben is such a wonderful, caring, involved dad and it was a joy to shower him with gifts and show him our appreciation. 
Happy 1st Father's Day my love!


  1. Hi Shandell!

    I linked to your blog from my giveaway :)

    I wanted to say thank you for entering, and wow - what a beautiful family you have! Malakai is ADORABLE. I'm glad father's day was so great :)

  2. Malakai is absolutely adorable! I really love the picture of him cuddly with daddy! :)


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