Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday: feeling blessed

I'm feeling really blessed this week. Even in moments that prove difficult {like my teething son's frequent waking in the night} I'm easily able to stay calm and find the good in each moment. God is working on me.

On Mother's Day I was overwhelmed with how special I was made to feel by all of my family and I think that feeling is carrying me through my week. It makes me want to show others how special they are to me.

We also had a rare opportunity to get some used baby clothes really cheap. A friend from church put up 53 12-18 month items and 64 18-24 month items on our church's online marketplace. When I told her I was interested, she let me know that the 18-24 lot was claimed but she'd give me the 12-18 at a discount. Then her other buyer fell through so she gave us both lots for $50! We were so excited and felt so blessed by their generosity.

So among those things I'm also thankful for...

111. Being able to think about my son's 1st birthday (in TWO months) with excitement instead of sadness over how fast the baby days have gone by.

112. fresh tanlines on my shoulders + remembering how good it feels to get some exercise outdoors.

113. chub.
{"how do I get the cheerios out mama?"}

114. the bond my husband and my little brother have.

115. a great car that gets us where we need to go.

116. the potential in our great big backyard and the raised garden beds.

117. the extra income and socialization {for Malakai} that working part time in daycare provides.

118. new friends.

119. the smell of lilies filling up our entire house.

120. you! thanks for your comments and sharing your blogs with me. I truly enjoy getting to know you.

What are you thankful for?


  1. aww great post! And yay for all those clothes! THat is wonderful! ;)
    Hope youll come link to my thankful post!

  2. That is great about all those clothes!! I love finding hand me downs! I like #113, so cute!!

  3. Great post! I accidentally posted about S.E.X on Thankful Thursday! oop. Not exactly appropriate. LOL

  4. I especially love number 111 - what a great perspective. Thanks for finding/following me. I'm following you now too!
    amber :)


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