Friday, May 14, 2010

photo friday: yesterday

Yesterday was the only day this week I took new photos with an actual camera. I've been using my cell phone for the most part because I didn't know where the memory card for the camera was. Turns out it was right where I left it...

Anyway, yesterday I also stayed home from working daycare because I woke up feeling light headed, nauseated, dizzy...not pregnant! ha! I was worried I had the flu or something and I also had a nasty headache so I rested {as much as I could with my very energetic and mobile 10 month old}.

I tried working on a photo friday post about Ben + I, but got too nostalgic and kept reading through old emails and looking through old photos so that one will have to wait for next week I think.

So, here are yesterday's photos.

It was so nice out and I felt bad for keeping Malakai cooped up so we went out into the backyard for a little while to soak up some sun. He pretty much stuck to one spot on the big quilt.

He loves to tap things on different surfaces so when there's not wood or tile flooring around mama improvises with this toybox or a book.

Lately he's been putting his arms up in the air and waving his hand around. I'm trying to teach him to do it when I say "sooo big!" but he just grins at me. 

He has been waving hello and goodbye by holding his arm up then opening and closing his hand. Daddy finally witnessed this for the first time last night. It's so super cute!

Malakai's been pulling himself up and subsequently climbing everything for about 6 weeks now. He's recently discovered the dining room table and chairs. I'm constantly chasing him down before he gets a death grip on them. It wouldn't be so bad except the floor is hard tile and he tends to fall a lot. Plus he's working on  his 5th tooth and keeps biting the metal!

Here's a not-so-lovely photo of me and the bean after I finally pried his fingers off the chair.
{for those that saw my vlog, I did dye my hair}

Next week I'm going to try to take more pictures.
Happy Friday + have a great weekend!


  1. haha we are TOO much alike! Dawson just wore that outfit yesterday! hahaha

  2. Alysha, this is too funny! That means they wore it on the same day! How crazy is this?

  3. Too cute! Looks like a nice playtime on the grass! I love to get outside and enjoy the sunshine :) Hope you are feeling better!

  4. Oh my goodness, he is soooo cute! I love his little baby rolls and smiles :)


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