Friday, May 21, 2010

photo friday: sand

I finally got the chance to sit down and upload some current photos. This took a lot less time than if I were to finish the post I referenced last week with photos of Ben and I from back in the day. Hopefully I'll actually get to that next week...We have a LOT of photos from the past 5 years.

This past weekend before Malakai got sick, we took him to the park, had a picnic and he experienced sand for the first time.

He was really hesitant at first, but warmed up quickly. He only tried to eat the sand once and loved watching the big kids play with the wet sand.

We spent a lot of time in some shade in the grass as well. All he wanted to do was pick the grass and then shake it from his fingers.

Later in the week, in an effort to get his temp down, I let him hang out in his diaper for a little while. He was loving it. 

Indulging in two of his obsessions, the tile floor and his red socks. I just love the way he's posing {all on his own} in this photo.

Dada decided to have some fun and put his pj pants on his head. Oddly enough we can't get him to wear hats, but this he tolerates. 

And today, despite his inability to breathe steadily due to his congestion he enjoyed banana + blueberries pureed in yogurt for lunch. 

So now you're all up to date on our photos. yay!

This weekend we are heading up to Portland {depending on Kai's wellness of course} to take one of my best friends out for a birthday lunch, get my wedding ring cleaned, and maybe do some shopping

Happy Friday!


  1. your wedding ring is gorgeous. I LOVE that your shopping at the container store haha and the pose is killing me!! D HATES to wear hats too but we have never tried pajama bottoms! lol

  2. Looks like fun in the sand! Have a good weekend!!


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