Monday, May 24, 2010

my boys

Both Ben + Malakai are really sick. Coughing, sniffling, achey, sleepy, crabby- sick.

Malakai's fever from last week went away and ironically the nurse I spoke to about it mentioned that if it came back to be sure to call in again and get him an appointment. Exactly 7 days later he threw up out of nowhere so I took his temp. The fever came back and was up to 101.8 degrees. I spoke to an on-call doctor who said that he didn't need to go to urgent care and it could wait til Monday if he still had a fever in the morning.

This morning he was up to 102.3 so we took him in. Ben stayed home from work feeling nauseated and just all around crumby. I think he has a severe respiratory infection. So all three of us went in.

I love Malakai's pedi, Dr. A, but sometimes she does too much "just in case." His ears and throat looked great and his lungs sounded clear. He was crying for no reason and burning up so she wanted to run some additional tests. A urine sample, a blood test for white cell count, and a chest x-ray.


She stepped out to let the nurse know and when Ben and I chatted about it we decided that we need to find out just how "necessary" these tests were. The urine test, no biggie, but the rest would be very expensive and our insurance only covers preventative care or "well" visits. Dr. A came back in and we expressed our concern. She totally understood and said if we were comfortable keeping an eye on him at home to see how he does that we could just do the urinalysis. So that's what we did and it came back normal.

It's most likely just a virus and I hate that there's nothing we can do for it. Not to say I want to pump my babe full of antibiotics, but it's hard to just give him some fever reducer and love and hope it goes away sooner rather than later.

Now my boys are home and both sleeping it off. Malakai had some ibuprofen at the pedi's office and I'm hoping he stays cool. Holding him in my lap feels like putting on a heat pack straight from the microwave.

If you think of us please say a prayer that I don't get sick so I can continue to take care of everyone and that my boys get better fast!


  1. I hope that both boys are better VERY soon & you better take your vitamins so you are the next to get it!!

  2. Oh no! Prayers of healing for your men! Hope they feel better very soon!

  3. i think you two are wonderful parents in making that decision to not run those tests! some parents just listen to everything drs have to say but mommys and daddys know best! Hope they feel better soon! :)

  4. I really hope you stay well and that your boys get better soon! That is a good decision, we probably would do the same :) Prayers and thoughts with you and your family (drink lots of water!)

  5. Oh no! I'm thinking about your men and hoping they get better soon!!


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