Monday, May 17, 2010

a blog party

So I have a list of other blog posts in my head right now, but they're all too complicated for my mush-brain to type out right now. I actually wasn't even going to blog today, but Kai just went down for a nap and I need to just sit and take a break for a bit. Poor little mister has a terrible cough and a fever.

I've noticed a few blogs that I follow doing the D-Listed Mom Blogs, Blog Party 2010 and thought I'd join in on the fun.


It technically started yesterday, but I'm the fashionably late type anyway.

For those of you who are new here from the blog party, thanks for visiting! My name is Shandell, but everyone close to me calls me "Shan". In fact, on the rare occasion that my husband {Ben} calls me Shandell it's worse than that feeling when your mother breaks out the middle name. Anyway, we got married in 2007 {I'm actually planning a post on our background and such later this week} and our 10 month old son, Malakai was born last July 16th. I am a devoted yet fatally flawed follower of Christ, teacher, learner, homemaker, photographer and procrastinator.

I started this blog under a different title when I was about 4 months pregnant in February 2009. Shortly after my son was born the previous name no longer fit and wasn't as unique as I thought so I changed it to Breaking New Ground as at the time we were experiencing many new trials, tribulations + triumphs in our lives. And just as life imitates art {or is it the other way around} we haven't stopped experiencing new things one after the other since then. I think it's called parenthood?

In the last year 2 years my husband quit a job, got a job, lost that job and got another job. I had a pretty eventful pregnancy from a scare at 14 weeks, an ER visit at 20 weeks, left my job at 36 weeks followed by  a month of long exhausting early labor before the little muffin decided to grace us with his presence. Once he was here we barely settled in before having to worry about possibly surgery not once, but twice. Currently I'm a stay at home mom, make my son's baby food, watch my former boss' son part-time, and just 7 weeks ago we bought a home of our very own.

For more on who we are I recently wrote these posts about Ben, Malakai, + myself. I hope you stick around so we can get to know each other. Don't forget to follow me on Google Friend Connect {to the right}, and twitter. And of course comment on this post to let me know you stopped in.


  1. Im your newest follow from the blog! WOW!! he is beautiful!! I had a pretty eventful pregnancy as well, and early labor from 33 weeks until I gave birth at 37 weeks. We have a lot in common! Congrats on your new home! We just made an offer on one and have another picked out just in case!

    Stop by when you get the chance!

  2. I am late with my post also!! I had found your blog prior, so I am just stopping by to learn more :) I am also making baby food, I made several batches last week and working on the final ones this week! Malakai is adorable! Thank you for voting for Bailey, she came in 26 out of like 6000 kids :) So she has a chance for the judge picked spots :)!

  3. party crasher! visiting you from congrats on your house!

  4. Oh my lots of difficult moments getting your family started. Glad to see everyone looks amazing now and doing well. I stopped by from the party that I too was fashionably late too and have subscribed. I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future.

  5. Tanya@ Little Life ImprovementsMay 17, 2010 at 5:43 PM

    Happy 10 month birthday to your little guy!

    Stopping by from the DList Party - looking forward to following and getting to know you!

  6. I do believe we have met somewhere else before ;) Can you guess where? Huh huh?

    Thanks so much for partying with me. Your son is adorable and I love his name. Isn't buying a house exciting? The only problem is that after you buy it, your work never ends :(

  7. Visiting from the party. Congrats on your new home! The backyard looks like it will be so much fun for your lo to run around and have fun! Good luck deciding the colors for your rooms:)

  8. Stopping by from D-List! Beautiful baby boy!

    Now following you on Twitter!

  9. I'm here for the party! Sorry that you little guy isn't feeling well. :( I'm just getting over a cold and I of course gave it to my daughter (her first one too). So sad to see them not feeling well.

    Hope he's better asap!

    I already follow you and have been a reader for a little bit now. :)
    I look forward to reading more!


  10. Hi, nice to meet you! Malaki is adorable!


thanks for responding, I love your feedback!

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