Tuesday, May 11, 2010

baby contests

Recently I posted about a photo contest in which Malakai was a finalist. Well I was pretty excited about it until I realized that he was 1 out of thousands to vote on that week. He was in 26th place at one point, but finished at 108th. Not surprising since I don't have hundreds of people to vote for him daily.

Then yesterday a friend of mine heard Malakai's name on the radio when they were announcing the Top 50 in a local baby photo contest. I had no idea, so I checked on their website and there he was "Malakai P"
I emailed the station to ask why I wasn't notified and they said they don't notify other than the radio announcement. Weird.

Anyway, I'm not about to start entering Malakai's photo all over the internet to exploit his cuteness for cash or prizes. I just casually entered him in 2 contests and didn't really think anything would come of either. The prize for this local contest is a $1000 Savings Bond in his name. What a great thing to have for his future! So, if you feel so inclined feel free to go on over to KDUK's website and cast a vote for my Malakai P to move on to the Top 25 next week. Votes can be entered once per day until May 17th.


  1. aww how exciting!! :) Good luck baby malakai! I voted for you!

  2. I voted for your beautiful little Malakai!! Sooo cute he is!! If you have a chance to stop by, I just entered Bailey in a contest also!! Thanks!!


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