Tuesday, May 25, 2010

another break

Among all the other things that make daily life busy, plus getting ready for a houseguest next week, and having plans here and there this week both of my boys are STILL sick.

Ben hasn't been this sick in a long time. As long as he's not contagious and able to function he usually pushes through and goes off to work. Malakai has never been this sick. His fever is hanging on this time.

{this was the adorably pathetic view from the kitchen this morning}

Now that I've filled their bellies, they are napping their way back to health. I'm off to get some more house work done. 

I'll try to be back on Thursday, but it'll be short and sweet if I am. Thanks for understanding, dear readers, I'll miss you so.


  1. ill miss you and pray the boys get better!

  2. Oh, what a picture! Hoping the boys get better soon - and you get some rest!


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