Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday: suffering

As I start this post I have a particularly nasty tension headache. I have a long history of headaches ranging from caffeine withdrawal and sinus headaches to migraines. The tension headaches I've been experiencing recently are different and I believe they are stress induced. When I get frustrated or frazzled all of sudden I get this lightening bolt to the top or side of my head. It's down right debilitating. Yesterday it was so bad I couldn't talk straight.

In the midst of suffering I feel like I have two choices. Either to focus on the joy that surrounds me and be thankful for my blessings or to zero in on the pain and feel sorry for myself. I have good reason to feel sorry for myself lately. I feel like I'm suddenly accident prone having bruised my legs up cleaning the new place, straining my back (also a long history there), and burning my hand while making dinner. When I'm in the midst of these things it's instinctual to feel the pain, to be irritable with my husband and impatient with my son, and then angry with myself for acting so terribly.

So this week I'm especially in need of a reminder of what I'm thankful for, I want to choose joy.

51. For the caramel macchiato Ben bought me last night to soften my rough day.

52. Malakai's "bunny toof" smile. His 4 teeth make him look so different!

53. black shelf liners from The Dollar Tree

54. ice cold water.

55. clean floors.

56. a long hot shower before bed.

57. starburst jelly beans.

58. coloring with my sister.

69. spooning.

70. being done with taxes.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I love the new look!!

    I am very thankful for my understanding husband; I have been stressed myseelf with our house closing, move & lack of sleep BUT he is always there to look at me with his adorably loving face to tell me it is going to be OK. I am also thankful that B's 1st tooth finally broke through & he is smiling again :) I can see #2 getting ready to cause some issues but for now he is my happy boy again!!!

  2. I suffer form migranes also and I know exactly how you feel they are horrific!!! I hope you feel better.. Your little man in his bunny ears are adorable!


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