Monday, April 12, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about change. The name of this blog is reflective of the constant change that I've experienced in my life. I'm positive that there's not one person out there that hasn't experienced change in their life, it effects us all. Funny how it's also something that a lot of people have trouble adjusting to. I'm choosing to embrace change and the journey it takes us on. I'm learning to let go of control by allowing God to take charge and lead the way.

Yesterday at church our pastor started a new series on change. Perhaps it's the drastic metamorphosis that spring brings (especially in the Willamette Valley) that has us all thinking about change. I'd like to think it's God nudging us towards something.

The message yesterday was about seeds and the series relates to discovering God's plan to change our world. Pastor's intro stated:
"If there's anything you need to be prepared for 
when becoming a follower of Jesus it's change."

Seeds represent change, not only in the literal sense but God used seeds to illustrate change in the Bible several times over. He likened His word to seeds, in reference to Abraham we are the seed, and in more than one of Jesus' parables he spoke about seeds. 

Then we were given these

I'm a really visual person so I love it when people can use tangible things to illustrate what they're talking about. When my husband tries to explain how something works I often tell him not to bother unless he can somehow show me. I'm the target demographic for that show "How it's Made". 

Anyway, Pastor went on to say that our life experience is simply the fruit of seeds we have planted (or allowed others to plant) in our heart. 

This got me thinking that we rarely know what type of fruit we will bear based on the seed planted. I looked out my back window this morning and saw these little trees. 

Each one looks completely different from the other, but just a few short weeks ago they were all identical in their thin brown bare branches. Now one has purple buds, one has pink flowers, the 3rd is still bare, and the 4th in the corner is green and leafy. 

I have no idea what any of these trees are. When we purchased our house it was part of a trust and the legal owners didn't disclose any information. I have to be patient and let God show me what will come of the seeds once planted there.

 I have to trust God to take care of the seeds planted in my heart instead of being in control myself. I'm no gardener, but He is. I just have to let Him teach me.

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