Friday, April 23, 2010

photo friday: enjoying the sunshine

Last Friday Ben and I took a ton more photos of Malakai after his well baby appointment, in this adorable springy outfit my mother-in-law got him. He was having so much fun moving around on our back porch. The lighting was PERFECT, I didn't edit any of these!

I used my father-in-law's Digital Canon Rebel xsi. I'd love to learn more about it's capabilities and take more photos. Back when I took photography in college we were using 35mm cameras and developing on slides!
What is your favorite thing to photograph? What camera do you love?

Happy weekend,


  1. Look at how CUTE your little man is!! The little teeth! The plaid shorts! Stop it, Malakai! I just want to SQUEEZE those little cheeks!

  2. Beautiful photos! Okay, I love to photograph Bailey obviously, besides her, the outdoors and buildings! I use digital...the cannon 50D is in my hands now :) and a small point and shoot of course!


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