Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend wrap up

We've officially owned our new home for a week now and have been living in it and cleaning around boxes for that long as well. It's taking a surprisingly long time, but that's mostly because Ben hasn't been here much. He was in the Easter drama at church and they had 3 hour practices every night this past week. So Ben would get home from work, play with Malakai, eat dinner, go to practice, come home, go to bed. It was a whirlwind of a week and proved to be quite the challenge for me.

I had a bit of a breakdown at the end of the week. I got overwhelmed by the needs of this house and my son simultaneously and doing it by myself. I'm so excited for Ben to be home every night this week! I did have one little victory on Friday night though. I put Malakai down in his crib and instead of getting upset he played quietly and fell asleep on his own. It was the sweetest little miracle.

Malakai's first Easter was a blast. I took him to first service with me where my parents and siblings joined us to watch Ben in the play and listen to the message. Malakai fell asleep at the end of the play and napped in my lap for the rest of service (40 minutes!). I was so glad because I had to work in the nursery for 2nd service and then we were off to brunch.

Yesterday was my first day as lead volunteer in the nursery. I wouldn't have been nervous since I've been working in the nursery for 6 years, but it was Easter! It was a bit stressful with 11 babies and only two adults at first. We got two additional volunteers but one of them got sick and had to leave. It all turned out fine by the end of service, but it was surely exhausting!

We had brunch with my extended family and everyone had to get their photo taken with the Easter baby :)

Then Malakai started to get super tired again and he fell asleep to my brother tapping the silverware on the table.

We took him home to nap before going to Mema & G'Pa's house...and accidentally took an after brunch nap of our own.

Malakai has a sweet obsession with small animals. He belly laughs whenever he gets close and tries so hard to touch. My parents' dog, Bella is a bit scared of him at this stage.

My mom gave him an Easter basket and we wrapped up the day with coloring and then subsequently deviling the eggs.

Hope everyone else had as much fun as we did!

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  1. Glad you had a great Easter! that picture of him asleep is too cute!


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