Monday, March 8, 2010

About Ben

This third and final "about" post is focused on my wonderful husband, Ben. All is written from my point of view. You can find his perspective on his blog. My other two about posts are here and here if you missed them.

{February 2010}

First and foremost Ben is a wonderful father to our son Malakai.
Ben is the middle child and not maladjusted as the cliche goes.

He is an amazing musician. He plays acoustic, electric, and bass guitar. He also sings. He majored in Music Industry in college and has played in a couple bands. He currently plays in the worship band at our church and leads on occasion. This past Sunday he covered Switchfoot's Meant to Live and rocked!

{March 2006}

He also minored in Business Management, which has been a life saver in this dreadful unemployment crisis. He was unfortunately laid off when I was 8 months pregnant, but took it in stride with a positive attitude. He found a new job (thanks to his minor, a friend, and God of course) fairly quickly.

Ben is a picky eater, but not in the typical sense. He will try things that are different (although, from his family's perspective this started when he met me) but doesn't like bold flavor or anything spicy. Because of this some of his favorites are spaghetti, hamburgers, chicken strips, and PBJ earning him the nickname "kid's lunch" from our college friends.

Another nickname of his from another set of college friends is "Benson Peculiar". I don't know the details...and I'm not sure he even remembers them- but he subsequently named his Senior project band Benson Peculiar. Also, our son's middle name is Benson (Ben's son).

Although Ben's hair is now a light brownish, he was a VERY blonde child. Malakai is like a chunky little clone of his daddy.


Ben loves Conan O'Brien and was pretty bummed about his Tonight Show getting cancelled. I got him an "I'm with CoCo" shirt for his birthday. He also loves Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and it's usually what is on when we eat dinner.

He's a technology guru in this family- including our extended families. Sometimes he tries to explain something about computers, televisions, or musical gear to me and I just slowly smile. He knows this to mean, "I love you and I'll care because you do- but I'll most likely never understand that stuff." I let him explain anyway...because he likes to.

He's a phenomenal teacher. He really could teach me all about the technology stuff, it's my lack of desire to learn it that's the problem. He's patient and thorough and rarely uses "expert" talk that makes the learner feel like a moron. He taught me how to get up on a wake board and how to run the TiVo. I can't wait to see him teach Malakai and our other (future) children.

{winter 2005}

He is the most caring and thoughtful person I know. He always thinks of others. I don't doubt that he'd let me sit around all day and pack this house by himself for our move if I needed him to.

Ben is also a talented actor. He worked out at a summer camp for multiple years and ran the daily/nightly programs. He had many characters and was great at all of them. He has recently been putting this talent to use again at our church for skits during service, and will be in this spring's play.

{summer 2006}

Ben's a dreamer and almost daily tells me another vision he has for the future whether it be about his career opportunities, our family, or our house. I love dreaming with him and knowing that God will make those things a possibility in His timing.


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