Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday: little things

 Little things can hurt, but they can also heal.

I've been letting the little things get to me, rub me the wrong way.

I've always said "you can choose your mood" and lately I keep choosing a sour one.

 Taking care of my 8 month old son, providing daycare for another baby 10+ hours a week, finalizing the purchase of our home, finding new tenants for my parents who rent our current home to us, keeping the house clean to show it while packing for the move is no small feat, making dinner, being bitten by my teething all adds up.

Last night my frustration boiled over and I was just in a crabby mood. This isn't fair to my son, it isn't fair to my husband, and it isn't right with God. I took on a tone that wasn't loving, a demeanor that was stand-offish and I just wanted to get some things done. I nit-picked as my husband {the most helpful human on the planet} taped boxes and lovingly asked what I wanted to get done.

I eventually made it right, apologized and we talked it out.

I'm thankful for:

11. God's forgiveness and his gift in the forgiveness of others
12. My husband's endless patience with me
13. Last night's discovery of Hyland's Homeopathic teething tablets.
    14. Malakai's first "icky" face when we gave him frozen yogurt (I think it was the frozen texture, because he liked the regular version just fine)

      15.All the generous people who came to our rescue with boxes for our move
      16. lunch with my mom & sister on Fridays
      17. chatting with my friend (Henry's mom) for a bit longer than usual today.
      18. the rare quiet times to read my Bible & journal
      19. Nursing Kai while he was awake without any biting (little victory dance!)
      20. cameras.

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