Friday, March 26, 2010

photo friday: throwback

Since my husband has packed away the imac I'm typing away on my laptop. The laptop I bought over a year ago with a student loan because it was required of all Masters of Education students to own one... I rocked it in class every week for a whole 2 semesters! ha!

Anyway, due to the fact that all my recent photos are on the imac and not my macbook I'm going to post some oldies but goodies. Not recycled however, as to the best of my memory I have not posted these photos here before.

This first one isn't too far back. Malakai is about 3 weeks old, we were in Lincoln City for a week on vacation.

This is even more recently, but cracks me up. My sister says he reminds her of the e-trade babies in this photo.

For my newer readers, here's what I looked like at 7 weeks pregnant in December 08 and 37 weeks in June 09. Seems like a crazy long time ago already!


Going further back now, here are some photos of Ben and I from a photobooth at the county fair...I think this is from summer 2006???

This is seriously one of my ALL TIME favorite photos on the planet.

My siblings are 9 and 11 years younger than I and this photo is from 1995- the cuteness KILLS me! There's just so much that I love about this photo- the look on my sisters face and the way she has her legs crossed so properly despite the fact she's in her underwear, and the brother's face is also priceless, like that popsicle is the best thing that ever happened to him...

Here's proof that I'm my father's clone {2003}

and that I missed out on my mother's flawless genes {2007}
(yes, that's really my mom)

but my sister didn't {2009}

Here's an outtake from mine and Ben's engagement shoot {March 2007}

and in honor of Easter, the last one is of us after family brunch with our goodies from my mom {March 2008}

Well that was fun. I could probably go on and on with all the old pictures I have on my lappy, but for now I'll leave you with those.

Happy Friday!

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  1. hi! I totally remember you from the bump! I am :hisbabybear: .. your newest follower! I think you and your mom look alike for sure! :)

    Hope to read more and that you follow back! :)



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