Wednesday, March 31, 2010

owning it

Alright lovelies, here are some photos of our place-  mess and all!

These are NOT "before & after" photos. They are "in progress" photos as we are very far away from the "after"!

So our front living space was this dreadful lavender as some of you may recall

On Friday afternoon we chose a paint color for this room and the master in about 10 seconds and went to work. It's hard to tell from the photos, but it's a tan color by Dutch Boy called Fresh Linen and we're very happy with the result.

Our bedroom is right off of this front room and was an odd blue color. The before pictures aren't that great. The second one is kind of funny because you can see the blue, purple, and greens that this house had all in one space. While painting someone likened it to Easter eggs.

We decided to go with the same color as the living room. (nevermind Ben's desert scene pillow case, haha)

Next door, down the hall is Malakai's room. It was very VERY pink!

Ben and my father-in-law tore down the border and FIL did the first coat. Later my mom and aunt did the finish work to paint it the same color as his old room. This is a custom color that I had done when his room at the rental was just a guest room. 

Now if only we could figure out how to fit all his furniture in a room almost half the size of his previous one!

We also have a guest bedroom now. We didn't paint it, but it's become a sort of "catch all" at the moment. 

The bathroom was the worst when it came to painting because it had been badly wallpapered. Getting the paper down alone took 5 hours. Ben's dad painted the first coat while the truck was getting unloaded on moving day, and I did the finish work after everyone had gone and I needed  a break from the kitchen.

We haven't put up our shower curtain yet or the switchplates and towel bars. Also, Ben broke a vanity bulb during scraping. We plan to add a shelf/cupboard above the toilet.

The living room/dining area in the back of the house is where we've spent most of our time. It's also the messiest. We didn't paint in this room because we liked the green.

A closer look at my happy boy.

Eventually we'd like to replace the tile in the dining room/kitchen and extend the laminate flooring. This before picture looks MUCH cleaner than it was close up. It's taking the longest and driving me crazy!

There you have it. 

I best get back to cleaning and unpacking!

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