Saturday, March 27, 2010

the one where I need more hours in a day

Well yesterday was in fact "key day". Ben took a vacation day and we packed at the rental all day until about 3:30pm when we got the call. By the time we picked up keys, assessed the paint left at the house, dropped off Malakai and spent $100+ on more paint it was about 5:30pm.

My mom, my aunt (who happens to be my age and more like a sister), my FIL, Ben and I got straight to work. The plan was to paint three rooms. The living room, the bathroom, and two bedrooms. I was then hoping to clean the carpets, the oven, the fridge and anything else I could get my blue gloved hands on.

Things don't always go as planned.

The wallpaper in the bathroom was adhered so well (although it was peeling) that the backing had to be wet down and scraped off inch by inch. With 2-3 people on the job, the scraping alone took 5 hours! Thank goodness my mom is a speed painter and got the front room done in no time. My FIL did the first coat in Malakai's room and I went back and forth between cutting in and rolling in all the rooms.

Even with 5 of us working til 1am the bathroom just got as far as being primed. But the living room, master bedroom, and Malakai's room should be good to go!

So today is MOVING day! We pick up the truck in about an hour and the only reason I'm finding time to write this is because of my stationary task of pumping. At least it forces me to take a break! Last night was the longest stretch I've left Malakai with someone else (MIL). We were gone for 7 hours and I just gotta say to all you working moms, it is HARD! We all knew that already, but it's different once you experience all the emotions of it.

We still need to do some packing in our current house to be ready, but I'm confident that it will get done! So today, once again, I'll be running around like a mad woman between the rental, the new house, the store and my mom's (she'll be watching Malakai).

I'm going to be without internet until Monday night. Once I'm back I hope to post some before and after photos of the painting and the moving.

Gotta run!

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  1. I hope that the move went well & that you have started to get settled!!

    We close on Wednesday & then our craziness begins!!


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