Wednesday, March 24, 2010

moving on

T-minus 3 days until our move and our current home is really starting to show the evidence. We are living among boxes of all sizes, having slowly packed the unnecessary items to more recently putting away the essentials.

We've been using paper plates, plastic-ware, and those red cups you see at house parties in the movies for the past week. I feel like a game of "beer pong" could start up in my front yard at any given moment.

Yesterday I had to try to "clean up" so that a friend of mine could bring her 18 month old son with her to watch Malakai while we signed our lives away. Yep, we finally had our signing appointment. Now, we could get the keys between Thursday and Friday, as late as 3pm on Friday. Oh, and by the way- we're moving on Saturday.

This is crazy.

The house is in need of some paint and cleaning, oh the cleaning! I don't care how nice a house looks, if it has been lived in previously it is getting a scrub down before we move in.

And the painting, well the front room is lavender

No offense to anyone with a purple living space, but this just isn't going to work for us. We plan to go with a neutral tan or off white and bring it into the master bedroom, which is blue, but it doesn't match any of our decor.

 Also, Malakai's future bedroom is pink and the bathroom has sponge paint wallpaper. His room will be the same green as his current nursery and the bathroom is simply going to be white. 

We've got a lot to work to do in very little time. My to-do lists are three pages long. This is no exaggeration. I have a page for moving, a page for cleaning our current home, and a page for cleaning and painting the new house. 

Well, I guess I should get back to packing!


  1. I have a picture of Brayden just like that & believe me I feel your pain on the "mess" we are both living in......good luck & hopefully you will get the keys asap!!

  2. I'm glad you are painting over that lavender and pink and ugly sponge paint. BLECH! Tan would be nice.

  3. Your son is so gorgeous. I am your latest follower. I found you through Hearts and Families blog link. You can also follow me at

    I'd love to learn more from your blog, and read up on archives.

    Have a great week(end)!


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