Wednesday, March 10, 2010

lists of five

I am one of those nerds that loves to do the surveys and lists on Facebook so I'm stealing this idea from Blair & Gussy :)

5 most recent purchases:
  • All Bran & blueberries for my "stopped up" baby boy
  • Lansinoh's original double pump (as blogged about yesterday)
  • A new waterproof mattress cover from (wow, I'm so exciting...)
  • Malakai's 1st Easter outfit
  • Little black rubber hairbands, because my last one broke in the middle of church.
Top 5 Etsy favorites (most of these I want but do not actually own)

from my little buffalo- where I happened to win this through The Outdoor Wife's blog

  • This purse, which was actually made by my mother and is featured on my aunt's Etsy shop. I have one in green (with brown vines) and one in red (with black vines) and I really want this pink one!

5 links on my toolbar:

5 thoughts running through my head right now:
  • I'm SO glad Malakai is napping right now (and has been for almost 2 hours), he needs this and so do I!
  • I really should be doing dishes or packing boxes right now.
  • I haven't had the desire to dye my hair for 5 or 6 years now, until I saw this hideous photo (please excuse the nasty mess I call a pony tail, this was after a day of packing)

           now I can't stop googling "semi permanent hair  color + grey coverage"
  • Feeling like I need some good quality girl time...sigh.
  • When will I find the time to read a non-parenting book again?

Now tell me yours (in a comment or with a link to your blog)!


  1. LOVE IT!

    It was fun to do, right? :)

  2. totally, I love things like this. I actually didn't have 5 etsy stores so I did some "window shopping" while posting. haha.


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