Tuesday, March 30, 2010

here we are..

And another post without photos- what is becoming of me!?

Well the camera isn't packed away {although that would be a really good excuse} but I still haven't had the time to take even one photo of the new place yet. It will happen soon, although it's just a pile of boxes at this point.

We spent our first night in the new place on Sunday evening. We popped out the pink champagne that our realtor gave us after Malakai went to sleep and sipped them out of our wedding glasses in our bedroom. That is, until Malakai woke up and I was sipping by myself for awhile. Anyway, it was nice to finally start the settling process.

Yesterday we finally finished all the clean up at our rental and just have a few things to pick up tonight that wouldn't fit in the car last night. Even after that, we still aren't completely done with it...Ben still needs to mow the lawn. With the Oregon spring (meaning rain storms) underway who knows when that will happen! Good thing my parents own the place and are being patient with us.

My mom has also been helping out at the new place. Thank goodness for her cleaning abilities, because the kitchen is GROSS! I just think the kitchen and the bathroom are both disgusting places to have to clean up after someone else...especially a total stranger. I won't unpack these areas until they're totally scrubbed down!

Anyway, that's the quick update of where things are as of yet. More to come when I find the time!

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