Monday, February 15, 2010

weekend wrap up

So I've already put it out there as to the biggest part of our weekend, but I'll back up and share how we got to that point.

Thursday night we narrowed down our list of houses to look at over the weekend and emailed our Realtor, Katie. She emailed back Friday morning and let us know that 3 out of the 4 either weren't available or weren't a good idea. One was pending, one was a short-sale with an offer and back up offers, and the other was in bad shape. So we went through the MLS again and came up with 3 more, 2 of them were available to see. The one house that stayed on our list was the only one that Katie emailed us about directly as it's in great condition, located in a beautiful neighborhood, and in our price range.

On Saturday we celebrated my Father in Laws birthday by getting together and having lunch at their home. The plan after that was to leave Malakai to play with Grandma and Grandpa while we looked at the three houses. We started with THE house and were pretty excited about it. When we got in the car to follow Katie to the next house she drove us by a nearby park and I couldn't stop smiling.

I asked Ben what we should do as houses like this go fast. In the past 6 weeks or so we've been looking, homes that we were interested in were often pending shortly after they popped up in our inbox as new listings. We decided to continue the discussion after the other two houses.

House #2 had a large picture window and that's about the only good thing about it. It was a foreclosure purchased by a group who were attempting to flip it, but it felt like a double wide trailer with narrow hallways and tiny rooms. The bathroom was a disaster and the layout was just awkward.

House #3 was great, about 1300 square feet and a big yard... but it was a foreclosure. All the appliances, light fixtures, and more were missing. They even took the bathroom mirrors. It was also located on a very busy street with not much between the front door and the curb. Also, we learned that if you buy a foreclosure that you must put appliances in it before it can close...and things could fall through and you've got all these appliances in a house you don't own.

So standing in house #3 we asked Katie how to go about making an offer on THE house. She talked us through it and told us she could print off paperwork at her house and meet us to sign it all. We went back to my in-laws where Malakai was snoozing in a chair with Grandpa and told them the good news. An hour later we signed and initialed all over the place and we've been waiting on pins and needles ever since. We've been talking about where we'd put our furniture, what color we'd pain the currently lavender living room and how we'd remodel if we could to expand year and years down the road.

Today's the day we should find out what the seller says about our offer. We're obviously praying for an acceptance of all terms, but feel that we could easily work something out if they want to counter.

The hard part is waiting and the hardest part is not getting our hopes up in case it's not meant to be.

The rest of our weekend was a bit of a blur. We were at church all morning yesterday, Ben playing in the band and I volunteering in the nursery. An old friend of mine who had yet to meet Malakai came over that afternoon and we visited for a long time. 

I started to get a headache as we watched the season premiere of Survivor (which was awesome) and woke up with a sharp pain in my back at around midnight. I got back to sleep but woke up again at 3am and was also feeling nauseated. I didn't vomit, but felt like I should (don't you hate that?) and laying in bed felt worse than sitting on the bathroom floor. At one point Malakai stirred and when I peeked into his room he had rolled onto his tummy and then fell back asleep. He has never slept on his tummy in his crib, so I sat in the rocker and watched him sleep. 

Ben is working from home today to tend to Malakai as I sit on the couch a lump of pain and nausea. I felt a bit better after nursing and am wondering if a clogged duct has something to do with it. Although, I don't know how that would contribute to my aching back. 

So here I sit on a cloudy Monday morning, waiting on big news, watching my boys play. I guess I can deal with the sickness.

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