Friday, February 26, 2010

photo Friday & an update to my week

Sorry, I've been MIA all week. This buying a house thing comes with a lot of "to-do's"!


This week we had the inspection and since there wasn't much to ask of the sellers we are finally starting to pack. Although, I ran out of diaper boxes yesterday. Which gave me more time to scribble out my lists {i love lists} and virtually paint our new place. 

But I still need boxes. I mentioned it on Facebook and after this weekend we are going to be overflowing with boxes. Friends who work at grocery stores, a cousin who is unpacking, and other helpful connections came to the rescue. Oh Facebook, what would I do without you?

Take more of these probably-

I've also had the car this week. My in-laws lent us their extra car because my FIL is subbing at a school down the street that he can walk to. So Ben has their car and I've had ours. I did such exciting things as meet Ben at the house for the inspection, grocery shop {it's so much more efficient midweek at 2pm!}, and take Malakai in for some immunizations {and walk 3 city blocks with him on my hip because there was no parking}. Actually on Monday I did meet up with a SAHM friend at her house. We sat in her backyard in the grass with our boys, soaked up vitamin D, drank lattes, and ate artichoke spinach dip. It was lovely.


Also, Malakai's new foods this week were arrowroot cookies & peas


Ben also brought home a surprise belated-Valentine's Day gift of petite fours from a local patisserie called Sweet Life. I had one with a cup of coffee in a Valentine's mug my parents got me when I was a kid. 

Today I'm going to lunch with my mom, brother, & sister (and Kai of course) and tonight we're having dinner with my in-laws, Ben's sister is coming down for a visit.
This weekend we are showing our house to potential renters and getting some packing done...we'll see how that goes!
Happy Friday.

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