Wednesday, February 17, 2010

about Malakai

He just turned 7 months on Tuesday.

He thinks it's hilarious to arch his back and look at people upside down.

He has MANY nicknames, the newest of which is "snaggle tooth" because of his one sharp bottom tooth. I finally got this picture of it, can you see it?

He has a dark blue vein in between his eyes that is often mistaken for a bruise, even by people who have seen it multiple times. I don't even notice it anymore.

He straightens out his arms and legs when he gets excited. Then he kicks his feet.

He's very curious and loves to grab at everything within reach.

If what he wants isn't in reach, he rolls and/or scoots to it by putting his face on the floor, pushing his feet  with his legs straight and his rear in the air until he inch worms closer.

His smile comes easily. He rarely cries or fusses about anything. He most upset he gets is when he's fighting sleep at night. He has recently taken to smiling at new people, nuzzling into mine or Ben's shoulder, and then peeking out again. 

He also "cheeses" for the camera. Ben was amazed when he saw this the first time.

He's started rolling on his tummy in the middle of the night and falling asleep that way. He will also easily fall asleep on our chests just about anywhere.

He loves tummy time- something he used to HATE and now chooses to play on his tummy more often.

He studies objects closely before putting them in his mouth. He always puts things in his mouth and we're expecting tooth #2 to come shooting through any day now.

He is really talkative, saying dada the most but also mixing in "g", "n", "b", and "l" sounds with all this vowels. He loves to yell and squeal.

He loves to stare at the curtains in his bedroom by the rocker. So much so that he often won't fall asleep or nurse.

He is over 20lbs and often mistaken for being much older than his 7 months. He's growing up too fast for me.

He laughs when we gasp in air, laugh, making roaring noises, munch on his belly, squeeze his thighs and knees, or play peek-a-boo. His laughter is deep and contagious and almost always ends with a squeal or a coo.

He is a little bit of Ben, a little bit of me and all his own. 


  1. he is absolutely precious! he looks like such a happy boy!

  2. I LOVE that last picture.......he is so adorable!


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