Monday, January 4, 2010

too much

I know babies tend to get fussier when they are learning something new, and not even in the moment that they are trying the new thing...but just all the time.

Malakai is trying to learn too much at once right now. He just started rolling over from back to belly, he's working on sitting up unassisted, he's starting to tolerate playing on his tummy for longer, he's saying new consonant sounds ("da" and "ba"), and we're still working on getting him to sleep unswaddled (I know, I know...but better late than never right?).

He just got the hang of rolling last night. He did it a few times here and there and would often get really close but couldn't figure out how to get his arm out of the way so he'd give up. Last night he was rolling all over his playmat and off of it! For the most part he was enjoying himself, but he'd get really frustrated and exhausted when playing on his tummy.

His sitting up is getting better. He's mastered the tripod pose and will put an arm out to the front or side to keep himself balanced. He's really close and I think by the time he turns 6 months (in two weeks....only two weeks!) he'll have it down.

The swaddling thing is probably the weirdest since he's almost 6 months. Let me explain this further before anyone lectures me. First off- we believe in letting Malakai lead the way on all things developmental. This means letting him show us he's ready to be unswaddled. Second, when I say swaddle, I mean this...

Only one arm...that's it. He'd been doing really well with being completely unswaddled for naps until yesterday. I think he was overwhelmed by all the new things, so we swaddled him to sleep because for goodness sake the boy needed some rest!

Last night I put all of our hard work behind us and brought him to bed for the night after Ben had soothed him back to sleep for the 3rd time in a half hour. While he woke often to comfort nurse I didn't mind.

Currently he has been napping for over an hour like this (forgive the cell phone photo, but I won't dare try to take a regular picture and wake him!)

All this newness is just wearing the kid out. He's always been super laid back and happy, but with all the learning he's doing he's just so fussy and refuses to go down to sleep easily.

Oh and did I mention that he's probably teething as well?

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  1. It does seem that they try to do it all in one day, huh!! He will get he hang of sleeping unswaddled when he is ready & good for you for listening to your little one & doing things when he is ready!!


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