Tuesday, January 26, 2010

shots, solids, & an ultrasound

Yep, yesterday was Malakai's 6 month well-baby visit. I'm pretty sure we've had different insurance at every one of these appointments. I'm happy to say that I think we'll be with this insurance for a long time now that Ben is working full time and past his 90 days. His review went great so now we have insurance and a HSA! It's high deductible (bleh) but that's better than nothing...and by nothing I mean having my in-laws pay for private coverage because they're wonderful and we're poor.

 I was so glad I made the appointment for mid-morning. We usually go in the late afternoon after Ben was done with work and we'd be waiting FOREVER because of all the parents with school-aged kids coming in at that time. Even though Ben had to miss some work, we got in straight away.

Malakai weighed in at approximately (because he wouldn't stop wiggling) 20lbs 11oz, length 28 inches, & head circumference 19 inches. Yep, that's my BIG boy.

I had my list of questions to chat with Dr. A about. We talked about immunizations and decided that his 3 booster shots and 2 flu (seasonal and H1N1) would be too many pokes for one day. While it's medically okay, she suggested we delay some of them for his well being. I totally agreed. So we had his flu shots done and will go in for a "nurse only" visit next week for the boosters.

We also discussed starting actual solids. When I told her I'd be making his food myself Dr. A listed off the usual starters: apple, pear, sweet potato, avocado, banana. She also recommended that when he's ready we should start him on a normal cup and leave the "sippy" cups for when he's a toddler.

I set out after Ben got home from work to get some sweet potato for Malakai's first veggie tonight, but by the time I got our dinner done the potatoes were still in the oven and my boy was hungry. So we went with cereal and will try again tomorrow. We did let him try some water in a regular cup- he was AMAZING! He gulped it up like a pro. Here's a video that daddy took. I'm just amazed at how well he did!

(this is where the video was going to appear until I realized the the upload video thing is not in my toolbar...what the?!)

Anyway, he did amazingly with his shots. He cried at first, I nursed him, and then he was just fine. He passed out in the car and stayed asleep through me carrying him in and putting him in the crib. Sweet little pea.

So I'm really excited to take on making baby food and even more excited about having Malakai taste new foods. I'll be sure to post about the experience with pictures and video as usual.

Dr. A followed up with Malakai's head size that had been increasing quite rapidly over the past few months. It went up by half an inch in the last month, so she suggested we be safe rather than sorry and do an ultrasound to rule out fluid build up. She assured us it's quite a rare issue and that she thinks that he's probably just a big boy but she'd rather have all of us be able to stop worrying about it and move along. We have an ultrasound scheduled for February 1st. I'm certain everything will be just fine.

Oh yeah and on a separate note, I got asked by CSN to do a product giveaway for my readers. I'm waiting to hear back on what it will be, so keep reading to find out!

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