Monday, January 4, 2010

photo friday...on a monday

When I started this post it was titled "...on a Saturday"
My days are all wonky from all the holidays and such...I haven't done my photo fridays in a couple weeks now and I also haven't posted photos from Christmas, so here they are!

We spent Christmas Eve with Ben's immediate family

His brother (20) on the far left and sister (26) on the far right.

Grandma on the right.

and afterward we opened our Christmas Eve gift of new PJ's (a tradition from my immediate family that we decided to carry on when we got married)

I do apologize for how matchy Ben and I are. He got me a red shirt...but it happened to be the exact same one he got me last year (hehe).

And of course daddy read The Night Before Christmas to Malakai before bed.

Christmas morning we opened up presents as a family of three.

Malakai got books and a lullaby CD, Mama got jewelry & a memory card for my phone from Ben and The Very Hungry Caterpillar & When you Give a Mouse a Cookie from Malakai. Daddy got a new rolling toolbox with some tools from me & some tools from Malakai.

Later that day my siblings and parents came over.

And after exchanging gifts (Malakai got a My Pal Scout from MeMa & G'Pa!) we all headed over to my Aunt & Uncle's (my mom's sister & BIL) for the big family Christmas and by big family I mean...35+ people.

We had Christmas dinner, which consisted of sub sandwiches and varied side dishes. The same household hosted Thanksgiving (they have the biggest house to hold everyone) and they were burnt out so we cut corners on preparing a big feast this year.

Malakai & I opened gifts while Daddy took video and Aunt Nanner (my little sister) took photos.

At the end of the evening we were all exhausted and ready for bed...but not before we got a bunch of cousin photos in front of the tree. This isn't all the cousins, just the older ones...the rest had gone home already.

The boys
My little (17 year old) brother is the one in the middle and of course Ben & Malakai are on the right.

The girls (with Ben trying to sneak Malakai in). My little sister (19 years old) is next to me.

And then all of us together

Can you tell that there were a few different cameras going all at once?

and around 9 or 10pm we finally got home and settled for bed

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