Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a little scary

Ben and I have started to seriously look into whether or not we could buy a house this year...yikes!

It's pretty overwhelming and it's hard to know where to begin. There are so many factors to weigh in on, people to consult with, and houses to look at!

We're checking out a house this weekend and will probably troll the open houses as well. Also, we have an appointment with a loan consultant that my Grandma recommended week after next. To be honest, our debt to income ratio is a bit scary (darned student loans!) so I'm not getting my hopes up in case we find that we'd be totally in over our heads once we meet with the financing people.

Still, it's rather exciting and fun to dream.


  1. Good Luck! We just bought our house seven months ago and honestly, it is still scary! It was so easy to call the maintenance man (and between us girls - my husband isn't a very good one come to find out! lol) Have fun!

  2. Good luck! I hope find something that is just perfect for you! Can't wait to hear about the house hunting!


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