Sunday, January 10, 2010

cars and seats

I just ordered Malakai's convertible car seat on amazon. After endless research we decided on the First Years True Fit.

I'm still surprised that we were able to get the car seat we wanted for only $149 and zero shipping! We ordered online because this one isn't available in any stores in our area.

I've read numerous reviews from other moms and it rates well for safety here, there, and everywhere. It should fit well in our compact car...the one that we haven't driven for 5 weeks or seen in 2. That's right, our beloved little Neon is still in the shop. Long story short, after dealing with insurance and a badly timed ice storm we were at the end of the line and they couldn't start working on our car until after Christmas- three weeks after the accident.

They've told us three times now "It should be done by- fill in the blank- call us to check in" and when we check in...there's something else keeping it from being ready. First it was additional damage, now it's water testing on the exterior and then reinstalling the interior, blah blah blah. So we MIGHT get it back on Tuesday.

So we're still driving the electric blue loser cruiser

sorry if you own a car like this...but it's so not our style. I've come to loath it in fact. It has a lot of quirks like, I have to pull the handle of the passenger door three times before I can get's like a prison, a really flamboyant old lady car prison.

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  1. I hate PT sorry you are still dealing with the car drama!!

    By the way.....I tagged you in my blog!


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