Saturday, January 23, 2010

belated photo friday

 I wasn't feeling very well on Friday so I didn't get to updating around here. I'm doing much better and here our the photos from our past week.

Malakai has taken to really rolling all over to get around. We put away the play gym since he'd get himself caught on the sides and fuss when he couldn't roll anymore. Now he rolls until he wedges himself into a spot like the loveseat...but he doesn't fuss much about it. He just kicks or grabs at the cushions.

Still not sitting up completely independently for a long period of time, but he's working his way there. Having a focal object helps.

Daddy snapped a picture of me with Henry & Malakai

Malakai has taken to resting his head on the floor or my chest which he hasn't done since he was probably 2 months old. It's too sweet.

He's just such a happy boy (I was told today that means my next one will be a terror)

We had some sun on Thursday as I mentioned before so I opened up the curtains and took some photos in the natural light. Here are just a few.

Today we spent the day at my in-laws with some extended family. I'll write more about that (with some photos) on Monday. Until then, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

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