Tuesday, December 15, 2009

you've got to be KIDDING me!

Since our car got smashed in it's literally been one thing after another. While I'm usually a "count your blessings" kind of person, sometimes it feels good to vent about what's going wrong. It's a good release to just get it all out and helps to move on...so

1. It's been over a week since our car got hit and Ben is just now able to take it in to the shop (like literally, as I type this he's driving the mangled mess over there)
2. He's lost at least 6 hours of work in speaking with the insurance people, securing a car rental, taking the car in for an estimate, waiting at home for the insurance claims adjuster.
3. He was told by the original insurance representative that they would file a claim for lost wages and he would need to follow up with his assigned claims rep.
4. Said rep told us about 5 minutes ago that it's the law in the state of Oregon that lost wages can only be collected when there is an injury accompanied by a physician's note. 6 hours is a lot to us, especially this month because I'm not doing daycare with Henry's dad out of school on winter break- not to mention the expenses of the Holidays!
5. WE get our car smashed into and have to deal with lost wages, stress, and the myriad inconveniences and the guy who hit us is busy trying to get his company to cover it instead of his personal insurance since he was coming into work (give me a break dude!)
6. The claims adjuster gave us an estimate that is about half of what the collision repair shop estimated. We noticed that they included three different used parts but our shop says that it's not safe to replace safety features (i.e. a car bumper) with used parts.
7. Just got a call from Ben and the collision shop won't take our care because it's "driveable" as opposed to needing to be towed and if it sits there while they order the parts the insurance company could charge them for our rental. They didn't tell us this until Ben drove all the way across town.
8. The parts for our car won't come in for another two weeks, so our car will be sitting in our driveway until then and in the shop for at least a week more once it's getting worked on.

Okay...deep breaths. I know things will work out and God has a plan but this is driving me a little crazy right now!


  1. really? the guy is gonna try and get his company to pay? wow! never heard that one

    hope things go faster than they expect!

  2. I am sorry that things are so crazy for you guys right now......don;tcha just love insurance companies?


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