Thursday, December 10, 2009

what's up with delivery services?

So both of my pretty little packages came yesterday. Our Christmas cards were actually sitting on my doorstep as I wrote yesterday's post and I didn't know until I went to the fedex website to track my order and it said "delivered!" Isn't that strange? They didn't even knock, they just set it on my porch between the front door and the screen.

Then, later UPS delivered my other items (more on them in a minute) by knocking on the door and LITERALLY running away. Like, May Day or...some sort of weird prank. In the time it took me to walk the 10 feet from my desk to the front door the delivery man had made it to the truck and the driver was pulling away. I literally laughed out loud to myself, it's as if they were scared to get caught delivering my package.

I don't like my packages just sitting on my front porch, especially bigger ones that are noticeable from a block away. When I lived in an apartment complex (before getting married), if I wasn't home the delivery person would leave a note saying they'd be back tomorrow between noon and 3pm. Then there were options on the note for me to pick up my package at their location or have them deliver it to my neighbor or managers office if I wasn't going to be in. Seems to have worked fine and make a lot of sense. Was it just because I lived in apartments? I don't feel like apartment neighbors are any more likely to steal things from my porch than my house neighbors.

{as a completely unrelated side note- Kai and Henry are both napping and the neighbors landscapers are 2 hours earlier than usual, running two leaf blowers to remove all 10's winter dudes, go home!}

Anyway- the packages themselves were a bit of a disappointment as well. Actually, the Christmas cards turned out great and I spent most of yesterday trying to weed through our address list from our wedding to figure out what 65 people would get one.

The Old Navy/Gap order was a mixed bag. The outfit I ordered Kai looks great, except the slippers are literally a kids size 7/8! I ordered from BABY Gap and even checked the size chart and settled on a medium. The funny thing is that I was clearly in the "baby boys 0-12 months" section when I discovered the slippers, but their packaging states "not recommended for children under 18 months." What the ?! So I'll be sending those back since I don't want to wait for actual years before Malakai can wear them.

Also, I ordered the nursing tops I mentioned. I was nervous about them because they were pictured on pregnant mannequins. I really don't understand this, because most women who are nursing are not pregnant. I just hoped they'd be on the long side and not so billowy. Oddly enough, the one that I was the most worried about fit me the best.

This nursing cami is great. It doesn't  have the clips for one handed use like the Target variety, but I actually like the look of it better than the bulky "I'm about to feed my baby" straps.

This other top I wasn't so sure about because of the layering.

I assumed the the under layer was a built in bra like the cami, but it's a floppy piece of fabric that cuts short just above the navel. And since I ordered white you can see this awkward layer from a mile away. I will be sending this back and perhaps replacing it with another cami.

And lastly, I ordered a long sleeved top because it looked super cute and I liked the cut of it.

But in all actuality it is cut very straight and the chest is much bigger than it looks. I'll be sending my medium back to try the small.

3 out of the 6 items worked out (this includes Ben's gift, which is wrapped and under the tree already) and I guess that's pretty good odds for ordering online.


  1. hey there! nursing tops can be so hit or miss...i am loving these right now {& they even offer a "long" size, which i think is super cute! & will be ordering next!} can get a 10% discount by entering the code :giveaway during checkout. {i did a review on them for & they are offering the discount for a few weeks...} just wanted to tell you about them & if you decided to get one, save a few bucks! they are awesome!

  2. i'm a total shop-a-holic! check these out! they are super affordable and look great!
    ...are you sick of me yet?! ha!


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