Sunday, December 13, 2009

what weekend?

This weekend just FLEW by! I can't believe it's Sunday evening already.

Friday night there was freezing rain so we stayed in and watched Survivor on the tivo- what an interesting season it's been. How crazy that the next round will be the 20th season, and I've watched every one of them. It started in 2000 when I was a freshman in college and we'd gather at the student activities coordinator's tiny apartment to watch it. It was more about the gathering back then, but I've been watching ever since.

Things cleared up by Saturday morning. Ben headed out to exchange our rental car. We got a toyota corolla as it's a comparable car to our dodge neon. I actually expected it to be better than our car, I'm sure it costs more! However, rental cars usually don't have any extras and this one didn't even have keyless entry. The real problem was that Kai's car seat wouldn't fit in the middle seat and when we put it on the side seats we'd have to scrunch ours too far forward. We called to exchange for something still comparable (so the insurance would pay for it) but roomier..they didn't have anything but a PT Cruiser so they gave it to us at the same rate as the smaller car. This car is electric blue and I feel like I should be in my 50's waving at other PT drivers. (I'm so incredibly sorry if you love this car but it's very much not our style). Ben says it's a "loser cruiser". It works for what we need at the moment though.

After he came back from the exchange, we headed out to my parents' place where he stayed to hang out with my brother and dad while I went Christmas shopping with my mom. I had to return a few things and finish shopping for Ben. I also picked up gifts for some other family members. My mom and I went out for a decadent dinner at Wendy's. I don't normally eat fast food but it was her treat and I was in a hurry to get back to my I do love me a Wendy's chocolate frosty!

Kai was not being a good sleeper so we headed home earlier than usual to get him to sleep, and then a miracle happened...he slept for 5.5 consecutive hours! That's the first time he's done that since he was 6 weeks old! I was so glad because I knew he needed the sleep and wow did it feel weird to sleep that long all at once. I actually woke up with a headache, apparently my body thinks that was too much sleep! The bummer about him sleeping that long was that I left my breast pump at my parents' place and had to hand express. I HATE DOING THIS! It bothers my skin and it's just so inefficient (and my pump is a manual!).

Today Malakai allowed us to stay in the sanctuary (instead of sitting in the cafe and watching service on a tv) for the whole church service for the first time since he was a month old. When he was teeny he could just sleep through it all, but now he's too noisy. Today he was awake and content to sit in our laps for the whole time. Our church does have a nursery for little people, but it's flu season and I'm too paranoid to let him mingle with that many little ones until he can get his immunizations at 6 months.

Now Ben is off Christmas shopping (for me!) with a good friend of his and I need to get dinner started. Hope everyone had a good weekend- only 12 days until Christmas! {yikes!}

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