Friday, December 18, 2009

photo friday

I normally don't like to post more than once in a day, but I had to share the photos from our week.

Malakai got this gorgeous green blanket (photos don't do the color justice) on Sunday at church from a former co-worker of mine. She is THE sweetest lady I know. She knit this over the past few months and prayed for Malakai as she worked on it. I sent her these photos as a thank you.

The past two weeks Kai has been really attached to me, so instead of play time on his own I've been using my home made "moby" wrap while I do chores around the house...he LOVES to see himself in it

Apologies for the flash and dirty mirror- it's clean now, promise.

And on Wednesday Malakai turned FIVE MONTHS (I still can't believe it) and we took him to see Santa

This weekend Ben is going to finish his Christmas shopping for me (yay!) and we are going to the annual drama at our church with my in-laws on Sunday morning while my mom babysits Malakai. Like I said a few posts back, we literally have plans every single day through Christmas!
Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh, I totally love that mirror/moby photo! Both of your expressions are priceless!


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