Friday, December 11, 2009

photo friday

Here is a comparison of Malakai in his dino-robe (soapasaurus according to the cute little label) and slippers.

1 month old

and almost 5 months old...

He seems to like it a lot more now :)

Yesterday we had a birthday get together for my aunt and grandma. Malakai's MeMa (my mom) gave him an early Christmas gift because she was afraid it wouldn't fit him in another 2 weeks.

Here's Kai opening his first gift ever!

I put one of the hats on Ben...he's so sweet to cooperate with me when I'm being goofy

Malakai's Great-Grandma also gave Christmas gifts out to all the grandkids (Kai's the only great-grand) because she won't be here over Christmas. Here's what he got from Great-Gram

The pj's are 12 month so we'll have to exchange them, but aren't they adorable?!

This weekend Ben and I are both going to try to get some Christmas shopping done...for each other!
We'll see if the bad weather lets us accomplish this task! Have any of you finished your Christmas shopping yet?


  1. Your lil guy is so adorable! I love the dino-robe on him! I can see where he gets his good looks. He has some good looking parents!

  2. Love the dino robe. How sweet is that!


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