Friday, December 4, 2009

photo friday

We took our Christmas card pictures this week. Malakai wore a baby Santa suit that used to be my little brothers...making it 17 years old. The hat was missing, but we found one in the dollar bin at Target, I had to stretch the heck out of the thing to get it over Kai's noggin- poor kid. Ben & I wore antlers that belong to my parents, but they didn't make the cut for the final print.

Kai has started scooting on his back-
exhibit A.

Here he is ready for the Duck game

But he spit up BIG TIME on the t-shirt right before we put him in his car seat.

Here are more pictures of our get together for the game- we took a lot more than usual for a gathering to watch a football game because my mother-in-law requested it and...even left props. 

this lovely hat being one of them (what it has to do with football, I really don't know)

my siblings

G'Pa showing off another prop

Trying to get my little one to sleep

Kai with his MeMa

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. The Christmas cards came out perfect-it reminds me that I should start working on mine:)


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