Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I'm expecting two packages in the mail today- can't wait for them to get here! I just love getting stuff in the mail.
One is our Christmas cards, which means I should start working on a list of who to send them to...especially since we ordered 65!
The other is from Gap/Old Navy. I ordered some things on "Cyber Monday". I was just browsing, but found some deals I couldn't resist.
I got the outfit on the right for Malakai- for those of you new to my blog, his room is turtle themed so I couldn't let this cute little outfit get away!

and I got the matching slippers of course.

I also bought something for Ben, but since he reads my blog- I won't be sharing that info here. Nice try dear ;)

And lastly, I got myself some more nursing tanks and a pretty top. They were in the maternity section of the site under nursing. I'm fairly certain they aren't maternity sized...but we'll see. If I have to return them, it's no biggie. I only have one nursing tank and am always looking for tops that make nursing easier. Now if only anyone on the planet made a bra that would fit correctly, I'd be set.

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