Tuesday, December 1, 2009

out of order- Christmas tree outing

My mom just emailed the photos from our Christmas tree outing with Malakai that I mentioned a few posts back. His first time choosing a tree. It wasn't all that glamorous- we just went to a regular old lot. Usually it takes a very long time, especially with my mother choosing a tree but this year it somehow only took 15 minutes! Next year, when Malakai is big enough to enjoy it, we'll take him to a u-cut farm with hay rides and hot cocoa ( and stupidly expensive trees).

My parents, surveying the scene

posing by a tree, the one we ultimately chose

Cody brought along a friend and since Ben had Malakai in tow, he took over the job of "twirling" the trees so we could see all sides

I tucked this little sprig in with Kai, it'll go in his keepsake box later.

goofing off

shielding Malakai from the bright sun while my dad loads our trees in the background

the end.


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